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Working group with Game7, awesome list on GitHub and more

weekly updates

Weekly updates 08.03

> Together with the Summon team from Game7, we have formed a working group for our jointly developed on-chain Inventory system. The working group is open to the public and we welcome anyone who is interested in on-chain inventories for web3 games to join us. We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 10 am Pacific time. We work completely in the open, and anyone can view our meeting minutes.

> We started populating an awesome list of cool web3 games on GitHub. We’ll be adding more games to the list as time goes on and you can suggest changes to it, too! Check for the deets.

> We continuously enhance our product. This week we rebuilt the workflow of Moonstream entity API and improved dashboards’ speed and made it more stable

> This week we published a new article on the details of our partnership with Crypto Unicorns.

> And here’s a TL;DR of the same post on Twitter.. sorry, on X.

> We also updated our landing page, check it out.

> Today we got our 1000th subscriber on X. Thank you for your support!

1000 du

That’s all for the week. Join our Discord if you are building in web3 or are interested in blockchain gaming.